Monday, May 31, 2010

Lost n' found

Lost my camera a few weeks ago after this night, found it today under the couch at Boots' house. I think we were there for Jessco gettin' a raise celebration party. The photo's mostly didn't turn out because Steve is dumb and we were all wasted.
Boots gone wild. Lost his phone in the sand, I think he got it back the next day but has since lost it again, phone #4 lost or destroyed since moving to Van. I think this was craigslist, or that's what we were calling him at least, he was telling me how he's been coming down to Wreck Beach balancing some dumb rocks on other dumb rocks since I'd been shittin' yellow. He doesn't get paid or anything, it's "art"

It was a good night, or at least the parts I can remember anyways. I have no idea how any of us managed to get up all those stairs, but I distinctly remember blowing my knee out, and losing Mustache.

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