Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wheelers wheels

So Wheeler texts me today saying wanna see this bike we're working on, he's an upholsterer, I assumed he was making a seat for a chopper. He sends me this. On my phone I thought it was welded and all that, once I uploaded it here I realized that this thing is a fucking deathtrap. Only Wheeler.

Wheeler: Wanna see a rad bike I'm working on at work?

Me: Hell yeah I do bud.

Wheeler sends photo, tagged, Flanged that bitch up this week, pretty sick eh?

Me:What the shit is that, I thought it was gonna be a sweet chopper

Wheeler: I know, I played you like a fiddle my friend.

That was a bit paraphrased cause I didn't feel like typing anymore. I'm not a fucking journalist alright?

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