Monday, August 30, 2010

Wheelers Wheels

So Wheeler is an upholsterer by trade, he makes cool shit sometimes too. He texts me the other day saying guess what I found at work. Sends me this, some Buell shit but still he found it at work, apparantly nobody owns it, it's just been sitting there for 6 years. I hope him and his Dad actually make something sick with the engine, the rest is foam.

He also started making shitty bicycles into cool bicycles. Wheeler is probably my only useful friend besides Boots. The rest of you should start making stuff instead of talking shit.


Thanaruth Phomveha said...

whoa whoa whoa I take photos mike. If you're saying i'm not useful friends off.

Junior said...

aha I meant at building shit. I guess since I use your photos here all the time I can say you are semi useful.