Monday, September 27, 2010


During the summer of the Beerwolf, I fell over a railing, thank god there was a roof on the side I fell, I landed on my iPod and it bent. I had it for like 2 months. It still worked great though.

Well the other day it stopped working, it changed songs or paused if I made any sudden movements even with the hold on, then Friday I was already having a shit day and it kept fucking up every 20 seconds so I hucked it at the wall. The usb or whatever broke and it wouldn't charge or anything anymore so today I went through the last half battery, listened to the music I will surely lose and accepted the fact that its time is over.

Then when it died I smashed the fucking shit out of it. Had me laughing like a child. Fuck you iPod. Rot in hell.
On another note, Thank you Astrid so much for the new header. Fucking awesome work. Maybe I'll trade you an iPod for the work, I got one I'm not using...

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Astrid said...

Didn't see this before now. Do it! Haha!