Thursday, September 23, 2010


Haven't really posted much this week, crazy busy at work. This is what I was working on when I fucked my hand up, just a basic jig for scribing, used a screwdriver out of a set for eyeglasses, some threaded rod and some steel, super simple, very useful
Painted 'er black, show some class. Hank was there too

I am clearly not a doctor, ghetto bandage for sure. It has come in handy for writing reminders on and measurements to rememeber.

This thing is just plain cool.
I just want to add, I went to Grande Prairie to work yesterday with my boss and we got to talking about bikes, and then he said well since you got your drivers I think we should get you a raise so you can buy your Harley. Then on the way home I mentioned possibly buying a truck for winter and he says "No, you are saving for a Harley, you can take the shop truck home after work and for weekends."
I literally have the coolest boss fucking ever.
I also have his brand new truck for the weekend while he's out of town with his son for dirtbike events, his son was the Western Canadian champion of his class last year, pretty cool stuff.
Moral of the story is; Vancouver was a fucking huge waste of time, that city is so fucked. I've been here a month and I've done more and been way more successful than 9 months of hipcouver. Fuck that place.

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