Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I decided to go back to that wrecker/mechanic while it's open today and see if I could find a Ford spare tire ring, the dude told me I could look around all I want, didn't find anything, but...

Asked the guy if he knew anyone that would have bike parts around town. He told me to find Bob, and told me where to find Bob.

This is Bob. I went to his shop and immediately after introducing myself and asking about a rear tire set up I notice in the loft there is a bike, I just saw the springer...I ask "What's THAT!?"
He's got a completely redone 1946 WL 45 Harley, in perfect condition, he's had it since 76 I think he said. We get to talking about what I want to do and he's like let's go to my office I got some stuff you'll like. He's got all these albums of his old bikes, his builds, just classic stuff. Shows me his 1970 shovel chop, and some other stuff. Oh and his office, every wall is lined with models floor to ceiling. Even has the same 72 GMC, same color, that I had when I was 16.
Anyways, I asked him to let me know if any parts come up, and he says
"Actually I used to be a Harley dealer, I have a few boxes of Shovelhead parts, you can just have them, use them for horsetrades, get that bike built"
No. Shit. All NOS too
So next week we're gonna dig through his shop and find the parts. I will try to get some photos of his bike and his Buick V6 TRIKE.

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Boots said...

you got all my luck, now im in your shit shoes, fuck vancouver and shoes