Thursday, January 13, 2011

Silver Mochine

This is where I'm at right now, I got my problems all worked out with it, I found raked conversion cups so I can run my springer without worry, I'm gonna get a larger wheel for the back, the 16 looks funny to me, I'm not 100% on the oil tank now, I can use it if I also run a oil filter off of a panhead since I'm planning to run a shovel. The front wheel problem is solved as well, a little bit of beauty from Jr's Cycle. Just gotta find someone to lace my wheel.
For now, it's on hold. We pick up the BSA this weekend, and all extra cash is tied up in that as well as some parts things. Also there's a couple swap meets in April in Edmonton and Red Deer, so I'm looking out for a donor bike to build the Silver Machine.

I found this the other day, same bars and tank basically but on an Ironhead, which I like a lot more, so if I find one at a good price thats where the tank and bars are going and I'll have to figure out what to replace them with. I don't want to just have a project during summer while Boots scoots around on the BSA.
Anyways this is where I'm at on my "build", keeping shit secret is lame.

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