Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boots' Blackpreciation

Mance Lipscomb is in my opinion the finest Texan to ever play the blues, though he didn't limit himself to just that. He was well versed in the ways of rag, buck and wing, hop scop and other popular dance styles of the time. Born to an Ex-Slave and a Choctaw indian in 1895 he lived a long hard workin' life, playing dancehalls and divebars by night but did not record until the 60s when folk songs were "cool" again. Up until then he worked lumber yards and as a farmer, he once knocked out his foreman for beatin' his wife and mother. He went on to be one of the the most versatile American musicians of his time, even teaching his unique guitar style to folk revival choads.

there are few people who can play slide like this, and with a pocket knife no less. Enjoy.



American Wind said...

very cool.

motoroz said...

Don't you just love good old blues. He could really play. I had not seen that youtube. Thanks for posting.