Sunday, February 13, 2011


So Big Ol' Boots let me cut the banged up stupid moldings off today. We're going to still have moldings but Boots is gonna design them and we'll do them a lot classier this time around.

That's all of it, except for the parts around the seat post because I think those are salvagable.
Been dreading what was under the wraparound neck, This isn't so bad, not at all. I expected a lot gnarlier because of what we've had so far. I don't even know what a stock neck looks like so that's what I'm gonna look into after this.
This is after Boots scraped out like a half pound of gunk, pretty gross.

Gettin' cleaned up, I got some spots where I'm gonna fill with welds and grind em down, pretty this shit up.

Still a few more hours of work on the frame but we're making headway. I like it a lot more like this but it's not my bike is it, and Boots loves moldings and all other psychadelic shit, plus it'll be good learning experience for me.

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