Friday, March 18, 2011

RIP Greg "Trax" Tarnava

A hero of ours passed away today. I don't know many details, but he was a good family friend and literally a live saver. He was an old school biker, and was a family friend since I was knee high to a duck. I always remember him being around when I was young, the man had a heart of gold. Worked at a plastic forming plant for something like 25 years, I remember him giving us little plastic piggy banks and some formed lawn furniture that we thought was the coolest thing ever.
A few years back Boots and I got into a mess with some people you don't wanna be in a mess with and Trax talked to the club we got on the bad side of and got it sorted, I don't think it would have went very smooth without him.
He also was very helpful when our brother passed away, for all of the parties involved, those who matter understand what he did for us.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Trax's family, friends and his Asshole brothers.

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