Monday, April 4, 2011

Swamp Meet

Bright and early, Boots settin' up our little booth a few hours before the "casually late" folk showed up and absorbed our booth with their pails of crap.
This was way too cool. The guy who built and rode it back in the day was tellin' hillclimb stories while I was looking, it was awesome Doing my best undercover cop impression. I think we slept about 5 hours each this weekend and drove 11 hours each way. Get off work, drive, sleep an hour on a dirt road, drive, see friends, set up, wake up, swap, drive, go to work.
Found my 18" rim, no luck on a hub though. Boots found some tins hes really into for his BSA
And a ton of pegs for something he's got in mind
1/4 of the box of mags we picked up. Inspiration time
Bunch of lights I picked up.

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