Tuesday, September 20, 2011

‎"Bikes are like women, they're supposed to make your life better, if they don't, move on."

I'm listing the 69 for sale on craigslist Tucson.
They aren't gonna let me ship it here and retain a clean title, or any title other than a parts or salvage title. As well as costing upwards of 3000 to get it to the fucking tundra where I live. It's already cost me so much time/stress/money and I'm over it. Buyers remorse? no, more like lack of knowledge remorse. If you are trying to buy a bike and import it to Canada, make sure it's stock or close to it or they will fuck you.
Overall, I thought buying a cheap bike in the states would be smart, but the shipping and paperwork will end up costing me more than the bike, putting the total over 7000$. I don't really give a shit if anyone is bummed on me for selling or anything, cause I couldn't get any help with any of this, and if you wanna fork over the cash, and do all the paperwork, then by all means, I'll get it home.

It was good while it lasted. Once it's sold I am in the market for a bike though. If anyone knows of any pre 80s (preferably pre 70s) Harleys for sale for reasonable prices and in CANADA, let me know.

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