Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dick Damron

Just "trappin the block" I was pretty into saying that when I was crosseyed.
The fuckin' legend AND the Legacy. Ol' Dickie Damron, outlaw country legend from Bentley. Check out "Countrified" by him, its on the you tube
Jennessa, pre-twopper, reading us the legend of Dick Damron
Jordan Woods, the most photogenic man to ever live. And some guy on the most depressing date I've ever witnessed guzzlin' beers. I guess E-Harmony ain't so good in small town Alberta...
This must be pre-tequeerla. I told you I was gonna puke but y'all don't listen.
TurboJugend Clive was there, bullying stop signs on the mean streets of Bentley, he also just pointed out to me that he's smoking two cigarettes.
Goonie is just one mean muggin' lil messican. I tell you what.


Boots said...

I wish I could chant ALBERTA like USA

Watasha said...

I think you just did man