Monday, October 10, 2011

In no particular order

I was trying to take a photo of my raven haired girlfriend sitting on the toolbox but for some reason my camera is drawn to Pollocks. What's a guy gonna do
Best seat in the fuckin' house man.
This reminds me of some 40 year old broad trying to pick me up in Vancouver and saying my toque made me look like a stoner. I was pissed, but now I get it.
All a guy needs for a good night's sleep
This is how I tried to explain that I am, in fact, good at physics. I'm a scientist man.
We actually got some work done, took the front wheel off the Triumph, the gas tank and the bars, and one riser...doin' work. Drinkin' and wrenchin' is just like driving, know your limit and play within it man
Ol' twinkle toes on the shiftiest ladder from the Great Depression
This cat once asked me, "is that Aaron Tippen on your stereo?" To which Rod and I both answered, "Who the fuck is Aaron Tippen? That's fuckin' Bocephus, son."
The outfit might strike you as funny, but that's what everyone here looks like under their coveralls.

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