Saturday, June 12, 2010

I don't know why but the photos seem to post opposite from where I want them. Anyways, went for a ride in Rod's 64 Econoline yesterday, creeped some photos. Best brake handle, super glitter
The interior is so rad/hilarious, all the vinyl has a slight metallic sheen to it, it feels like a disco asylum on wheels.
I've always loved these headlight vent combos, even before I knew what an Econoline was, they are just nice to look at.
I think the story on this thing is some skater dude owned it, drove it to Alaska with his son to surf, then some young girl bought it and covered it in stickers, I don't know when the bumblebee paint job happened, but I thoroughly appreciate it.


Raderick said...

I'm thinking a roll-on paint party is in order asap, my bumble-bee scheme has to go. Padded walls stay!

Beerwolf said...

Ok, or maybe not roll on because remember how shitty it was sanding the McDonald van house paint hah
what color(s)

Raderick said...

Never learn from the past, whatevers light coloured and cheap!

Boots said...

its like the a team van.

i figure you should paint it oakland orange haha. airbrush some majestic shit on it. gimme a break