Saturday, June 12, 2010

"It's the Water"

Fuck. How do I describe my utter joy when I went into a BCL last night and saw these beauty's glowing? It was like ten Christmases and maybe some Chanakuhs too. I have been in BC for about a year now, that means I haven't had Olympia in a year. They don't sell it up north, I figured Vancouver in all it's cultural glory would sell it, but I was sadly mistaken. I have heard too many rumors of this place selling it and that place having it but they all turned up false. This has become my own personal quest for the Holy Grail. Last night I went to pick Ambrigail up from work, in Burnaby, showed up early as per usual, so I decide to grab a 6er to make my wait more enjoyable. Enter the beer store and BLAM! There it is, like the Lady of the Lake handing me Excalibur. I am comparing myself to King Arthur alot, I probably should have picked someone Greek and spoke of Mount Olympus but fuck it. Anyways, I finally found my Lance of Longinus, it was an awakening, I'm pretty sure I got drunk off two beers out of excitement. Now it's Saturday, I'm out of beer and the quest begins again.

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