Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wake up Dead

We've been listening to alot of Anthrax in the garage lately. I don't know what Boots is doing but we got his bike 80% stripped down, getting the exhaust off was a royal pain in the ass.
I've decided to learn how to paint, instead of ruining a helmet or a tank with my first attempt I'm gonna do it on a mini propane tank I found in the garage. Got it all prepped, sanded and cleaned up.
Taped off some sections for different designs and shit.
Made a face by accident but it's kind of hilarious so I'm keeping it. When I do a helmet I will definietly measure out quadrants and all that, this was all just freehand fun
I started out with a smoky baselayer, I didn't prime it because there was already paint on the tank so I just roughed that up.

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