Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Taped all the separate sections off, or "blocked" them, then layed the smoke on heavier on the remaining areas. It's uneven but it's supposed to look like smoke dummy.
Cut up some sexy lingerie from a slutty ex and made some lace panels...actually it's from a sewing shop downtown but that sounds way gayer than what I had said first.
Made a quick stencil and threw some scales on. There's this seam on the tank that makes a weird line that is pissing me off.
Get dirty or go home.
I don't have an airbrush so this is all done with Duplicolor rattle cans, it's not horrible but I think with an airbrush I could get way more righteous.
Xmas list; airbrush, 200 hits of LSD, Lone Wolf, No Club backpatch.

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